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how Globe Tattoo is cheating you on unlimited subscription

This is about the SUPERSURF 50 of Globe Tattoo. You can surf unlimited for 24 hours - yes but - as long as you didn't reach 1 GB data transfer.

Now, what I am writing here is how inefficient and incorrect their system is in calculating the 1GB download data transfer.
Here's my email to them.
This is with regard to Ticket yesterday.
The problem: your system does not reset its statistics on downloaded data.

What happened:
Oct 18 - Image #00

I subscribed to your SUPERSURF. After 4 hours or so I received a notification saying that I cannot further surf because I reached the limit of 1GB. That is impossible because I am only surfing the net, chatting - no download! The download transfer ( the green one) statistics shows that I only consumed 470.55MB and the message box says 493.40MB. But the Daily statistics shows I already consumed 1GB. Misleading right?! LUGI AKO NYAN.

I reported this incident on Oct 18 right after I received the notification.

My initial assumption:
Somehow, your system does not reset its counter for downloaded data until it reaches 1GB. Regardless whether a subscriber subscribes to SUPERSURF or uses regular rate, your counter continue to increment its value from its previous value.

My investigation:
To prove my point,
Oct 19 - Image #01
a. I took a screen shot of the application showing its current value. (16.69MB)
b. I subscribed to SUPERSURF
c. The download data increases without resetting its value to zero! (After 1 minute, it's 17.05MB)

Oct 20 - Image #02
a. I took a screen shot of the application showing its current value. (~760.79MB)
b. I subscribed to SUPERSURF
c. The download data increases without resetting its value to zero! (After 26 minutes, it's 768.50MB)

I hope you get my point. And do something about it.

And their stupid reply.. malinaw na sinabi kong chat lang ginagawa ko..

We apologize for the inconvenience and for the delay in response this may have caused you. We wish to inform you that Globe Broadband tattoo prepaid is intended for light to moderate usage only. If you often download or stream movies, songs, series, or use peer to peer applications. Then your Broadband Tattoo prepaid is not appropriate for your heavy browsing needs. You may also consider upgrading to our Tattoo Postpaid plans or to our Fixed at home plans.
Globe’s Fair Use Policy is implemented to ensure that heavy users do not slow down the broadband experience of other broadband subscribers. This policy is designed to protect those who might be affected by the excessive usage of a few subscribers.

As we ensure that everyone gets a good connection, those who are most likely to be affected by this policy are those who do the following activities:

· Uses peer-to-peer/torrent applications
· Download videos and music
· Heavy video/media streaming
· Any other heavy download – FTP etc.

We hope this information helps you with regards to your concern.

And I didn't hear anything from them, after this.

I afraid you did not read or did not completely understand it. Please refer to another email I sent - it has screenshots that would help you understand what I am saying.

This is what we get when we, the small ones, don't have a choice but to use their service whether they provide it accurate and fair, or not.

My post just proved that their statistics is not accurate but these greedy telcos like globe are not doing anything about it. And so is the stupid government. Mas gusto pa ng gobyernong makialam sa mga nag-se-sex na celebrities, kesa sa mga malalaking kumpanya na pinagsasamantalahan ang maliliit.





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