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BPI Direct and how they are losing their future clients

Their website's About Us page captures my interest. They aim to a paperless, convenience way of banking - especially designed for a techonology-savvy like me.
BPI Direct Savings Bank, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), is the Philippines’ first internet bank operating in a generally paperless environment with no defined geographical boundaries. It is a testament to BPI’s commitment to deliver the highest standard of banking convenience through the ingenuity of technology and creative management.

BPI Direct empowers its customers, including Filipinos around the globe and the new generation in this electronic age, to be in full control of their finances as it made banking available 24/7, wherever they may be. Truly, their bank away from home.

But are they for real? I guess not. I've tried to open a joint account in this bank and they didn't show any interest. They didn't even reply to my queries.
Here's the full story.

Before applying online, me and my wife went to BPI Nueno to open a BPI Direct account. The officer told us that we need to apply online. AND one of us must be in another country because BPI Direct's purpose is for OFW which transact online. WHAT??? Disgusted as this officer don't know what are their product we went out. We'll try to apply online.

October 12, Tuesday - I applied to open an account online through their website. I filled-up all the necessary information - everything. In the Step #4 'bpi express online member' section, I chose 'Only one of us is a member'. After clicking Continue button a pop-up page appear asking for my bpi express credential. After that, the page asked for other information - branch, address, etc.
When I hit the submit button an error page was displayed with message "An error has occured" (or something like that as I can't remember it, its 20 days past already). The error was so vague that it didn't give any description or maybe it was intended for security reason. Anyway, I tried two more times and the same error appeared.
I called them through 89-100.
and report what happened. The guy that I spoke with told me to try to open an account from the bpiexpressonline. The same error appeared. And so I call them again. This time a lady. As I was telling her what happened I am checking my email. There were some email with subject 'BPI Direct Account Opening'. The application for new account has been successful it just that their website doesn't giving any helpful message. Hmn how bad was that?

I went through their email. It said that I need to reply to confirm my intention of opening an account with them. And so I did.

The next day, I am expecting email or call from them since they are claiming for fast and hassle-free banking. Nothing. And so I called them to follow-up about my application. The officer gave a reference number and told me that she already instructed the officer assigned for account opening. I told her to priority my application as I am going abroad. I'd use the BPI account for remittance.

Days passed. No calls. Nothing.

Oct 16, Saturday. I tried to call them through payphone (landline). But payphone in Imus sucks. No 1-800 allowed. Malayo kami sa bayan at gagastos pa ako ng 100 para sa pinakamalapit na pldt payphone. Why can't we call from mobile without being charged? It's another story, anyway.

And so I called them through my mobile. Their 89-100 sucks. Sub-menus contains same menu as in the top-level one. As I am using mobile phone, I directed to 'Lost card' menu. I gave the officer the reference number and told her to call me back as I don't have enough prepaid load. She said she can't do that since she's for 'lost card' concerns only. She redirected me to concern officer. I thought I am going to talk to the concern officer right after she dropped me. I was wrong she redirected me again to main menu. Sshh! My phone hung-up. No more load.

I went to my pc. Fired up my email and sent a follow-up mail to them. I reiterate that I am going to use the account for remittance.

Oct 18, Monday. There was an email from Ms. her name>.

Greetings from BPI Direct!
This is regarding your online application.
Please provide name of co depositor as such is not stated per application made.
Kindly take note that co depositor should have applied on line as well.

WTF! My co-depositor's name was not stated? Does your online form has a facility to input such? None! And, to apply online? WTF again! If we're going to choose from the 3 options in Joint Account 1] none of us 2] both of us 3] one of us. If option 3 is chosen my account will still be used and no other way to input my co-depositor's name even if she initiated the application! Don't you know that BPI officers!? It's your system! Why just can't you entertain us in one of your BPI bank and we'll just show you the requirements you need!

And so I explained her my point. Nonetheless, I still provided her with the details of my co-depositor. I reiterate [again] that I need the account immediately as I am leaving Thursday.

No more calls. No more emails. Nothing. They are not interested for new account. Tanginang banko yan!


  1. Vito said...

    It was November of last year (2014), same thing happened to me. Joint account. I received emails asking for infos that were already provided when I filled up the online application form. I called their hotline, but they were of no help at all. I was even told that my name or the reference number (emailed to me after hitting the submit button on the online form) could not be found or does not exist. I emailed them stating my frustrations, but received no reply. They are really full of crap. I just checked their website now, it says there that their online application is temporarily unavailable. It must have been gotten up to them already.

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