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ATM withdrawal in Singapore using Philippine-issued ATM

As long as your ATM has Cirrus, Maestro, Visa or Plus logo there is no problem withdrawing your money in Singapore - local currency.

I have a BPI and Metrobank ATM where I put my allowances when I come to Singapore. It's not so safe to bring cash nowadays. It might be safe in SG but how about in the Philippines while you are on your way to the airport? ;p

But there's a limitation in the amount you can withdraw. For BPI it's 20, 000 php per day. If you are going to choose SGD1000 to withdraw from ATM menu in Singapore you'll get an error message telling that you don't have enough balance.

I have not try Metrobank yet, though.

From what I have experienced the peso-singapore dollar exchange rate is low.

1st withdrawal it's 35.23 php to a SGD
2nd - it's 34.55 php to a SGD
for informational message, like, the error I got I was charged 22 php
for successful balance enquiry I was charged 43 php

It will eat your money. Need to have a better way to transfer/carry money from one country to another.


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