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Warning to Profriends clients who issued cheques addressed to PAG-IBIG.
If you'd remember, or atleast for only some clients, PF said that they're gonna collect the first 24 months of amortization, that is fine. That means the 24 cheques are addressed to them. Aside from that they also asked for another set of cheques addressed to PAGIBIG telling that THEY are the ones to forward to cheques to pagibig. From their own month you would have an assurance that you'd never be delayed in payments provided your bank account has money in it of course.

But shit happened.
After the 24th month they NEVER forwarded the cheques to pagibig. Which resulted my property in default. I only noticed it when I checked my bank account that it ceased deducting money. From the pagibig point of view I was not paying a thing for 2 months.

I tried calling PF head office in mandaluyong but no one, not a single call has been answered for almost 1 month that everyday I tried.

At the same time, I asked my wife to go to Imus office to inquire about the situation. These people just give us the receipt of the last 4 months of my payments. But not a word about my chequed not being cleared by pagibig.

When I came back to PH I went to Imus office myself. The person I talked with said that my cheques will be taken out and will be returned to me. What the fuck that means Profriends? For over 2 months nobody informed us what's happening. These careless developer never informed us that Im gonna pay directly or settled directly with pagibig myself. Its 2 months. Hadn't I noticed it myself and went on, my property would have been foreclosed because of the carelessness and unprofessionalism of this Profriends! Whats wrong with these people?

And so I went to their headoffice and talked to their manager. From the very beginning I started business with them I wanted to talk to the manager but never the front desk allowed me.
Finally I met her, I told her everything I wanna say, bursted out my anger. She seems cool and listened to me, anyway.

At the end I just asked her to refund the penalty I paid to pagibig.

Beware of this developer.


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